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International Journal of Innovation in Engineering Research & Management ISSN No.- 2348:4918 English ANIL MEHRA TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
Accent Journal Of Economics Ecology & Engineering ISSN No.-2456:1037 English anil mehra TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
International Journal of Enhanced Research in Management & Computer Applications (IJERMCA) ISSN: 2319-7471 English Enhanced Research Publisher TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
International Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM) ISSN No.2454-9150 English IJREAM Publishing House TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
International Journal Of Management , Law And Science Studies ISSN No.- 2456:4303 English DR. Ranu Chaturvedi TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
Journal Of Innovations In Pharmaceutical And Biological Sciences ISSN No.- 2349:2759 English Journal of Innovations in Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
Global ISSN No.-2249:2054 English GUTENBERG TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
Journal Of Hospital Pharmacy ISSN No.-2348:7704 English Health Education Bureau TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
Academic Social Research ISSN No- 2456:2645 English TOC-RSS-FEED UGC
International Journal For Research In Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM) ISSN No.- 2454:9150 English IJREAM Publishing House TOC-RSS-FEED UGC

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